When each of us started out on our path a seed was sown in our hearts. This seed will grow into a mighty tree. Its roots are in our tradition and in our personal relationship with the earth. Its branches spread far and wide encompassing the many different aspects of our discipline, art and science, poetry and pharmacology. Our leaves draw energy from the air and sun and, at the end of the year, they fall back to the earth to make fresh humus. Or, of course, we could hang onto our leaves; there are many different types of herbalist. Are you an evergreen or a deciduous herbalist? Are you a Pine or a Birch an Oak or an Ash? Holding everything together is our trunk. Good Heartwood at the centre surrounded by a network of fine tubes hastening goodness up and down between the roots and the leaves.

From: “Trunks and leaves: producing the well rounded herbalist." by Christopher Hedley.

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On our YouTube channel, you can see herbalists talking about the many fascinating and useful medicinal plants that can be found in gardens, hedgerows and other local habitats.

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