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Join expert herbalist Frances Hambly and author and naturopath Kirsten Hartvig as they search out and identify healing herbs in their natural habitats, and show you how to prepare and use them to treat minor ailments, preserve health, and add interest and flavor to your cooking. See them also demonstrate how easy it is to make natural herbal preparations including toiletries, household medicines, herb rings, cordials, potpourris and herb pillows and much more – all from simple garden herbs and wayside weeds, and all at little or no cost. Reconnect with the healing power of plants on the Heartwood YouTube Channel, updated with new videos and recipes each month.


Plantain salve

Witch Hazel Compress

Witch Hazel Compress



Meet the presenters:

FRANCES HAMBLY, MNIMH, qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1987 from the School of Herbal Medicine, and has been a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) since then. She went on to study Aromatic Medicine with Dr Daniel Penoel, and incorporates the use of essential oils in her practice. Nutrition is a fundamental part of Frances’ work and she also offers food intolerance and allergy testing at her practice in Wadhurst, East Sussex. She gives prenatal advice on conception, and offers pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care. In addition to her commitments as a practitioner, Frances mentors newly qualified herbalists, gives talks on a variety of subjects related to Herbal Medicine, and is the author of Herbal Medicine for Children.

KIRSTEN HARTVIG, ND, DipPhyt, is a registered naturopath and medical herbalist specialising in the use of food as medicine, and in utilizing the healing properties found in the medicinal herbs that surround us - in food stores, gardens, fields, hedgerows, wildernesses, mountains and forests. She trained at the School of Herbal Medicine FROM 1986 to 1990, gaining a Diploma in Phytotherapy and membership of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). She continued her training at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London and gained her Naturopathic Diploma and membership of the General Council and Register of Naturopathy (GCRN), where she is now vice-president. She is also a member of the Danish Health Authority's Council for Alternative Medicine (SRAB). Kirsten is the author of 15 books on natural health, herbal medicine and naturopathic nutrition, the latest being Healing Berries and Healing Spices, published in 2016 by Watkins (London).