Heartwood post-graduate Continuing Professional Development presentations are based on the principle that the strength of any profession comes from the depth and currency of its knowledge.
Presented by acknowledged subject specialists, the online lectures are underpinned by downloadable text files, slide presentations and mindmaps to help make the learning process as efficient as possible.

The presentations are offered free to qualified medical herbalists, and at low cost to practitioners of other alternative and complementary medical disciplines.
Series 1 Code Title
Gynaecology 1 CPD101 Oestrogen part1: Source, metabolism and role
Gynaecology 1 CPD102 Oestrogen excess and its treatment
Gynaecology 1 CPD103 Introduction to phytoestrogens
Gynaecology 1 CPD104 Flaxseed and soya
Gynaecology 1 CPD105 Steroidal saponins
Gynaecology 1 CPD106 Cimicifuga
Gynaecology 1 CPD107 The menopause (part 1)
Gynaecology 1 CPD108 The menopause (part 2)
Gynaecology 1 CPD109 Progesterone
Gynaecology 1 CPD110 Vitex
Gynaecology 1 CPD111 PMS (part 1)
Gynaecology 1 CPD112 PMS (part 2)

Study methods:

The delivery of the Heartwood Heartwood Postgraduate CPD series takes place through a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) called Moodle.

A range of learning and teaching activities take place via this online delivery platform, including:

  • Detailed video lessons embedded into the delivery platform, featuring filmed tuition by subject experts and underpinned by mind-maps, text, graphics, and additional learning resources
  • Regular real-time webinars, online conferencing, group forums, question and answer sessions, and email support

All video materials are accompanied by slide presentations, detailed notes and other break-out materials, as well as carefully targeted external links to photos, public domain audio, and relevant video snippets. Course participants will be encouraged to share their insights and experiences with the whole learning group, and contribute to an evolving CPD Wiki highlighting relevant areas of current research.

CPD Series 1 Course Co-Ordinator, Hananja Brice-Ytsma, says:

It is amazing to be part of and to see the development of this new project, enabling the highest standards of continuing education for working practitioners. It might seem strange to learn something that is so physical and close in real life, in an online environment. However, the flexibility this brings allows us to have access to experts from all over the world, enabling them to hand over some of that special knowledge that comes from years of experience in the field. Very often we find that working practitioners would love to be more involved in Continuing Professional Development, but cost, location, and time specifics makes this impossible for them. With Heartwood CPD, one can fit learning around one’s life, without having to uproot oneself - and the training is no less than it would be if one physically attended a course. With new technology, we are able to present the materials in an accessible, creative and exciting way, and connect with each other online.